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Town of Springdale installs first of their new signs on Wattling Road

Springdale, SC (Paul Kirby) – The town of Springdale has completed the installation of their first new town sign on Wattling Road close to Delree Street. The sign is made out ofsolid granite and should last for centuries to come. According to the mayor, it weighs about 14,000 pounds. The town leaders hope there will eventually be four more installed at various major roads leading into the town. This all depends on being able to obtain the necessary land easements and approval from the SCDOT where that applies.

The signs are not being paid for out of the town’s general operating budget. They are being paid for by Accommodations Taxes, a tax on every hotel or motel room rented in the town. The rules for “A” Tax use are very specific. They can’t be used to hire police officers or buy things like garbage trucks. They are meant to be used for projects just like the signs that will make Springdale more inviting so that more people will come and visit and rent more motel rooms.

The signs are part of Mayor Michael Bishop and the town council’s efforts to spruce up the town and have it be the example for all residents. It is a model of what a beautiful town could and should look like. Bishop said last year that he didn’t think it was fair to expect the residents to invest money and labor in the looks of their property if the town wasn’t leading the way by making the portions they’re responsible for attractive and clean. Since the council has adopted that attitude, the medians along Platt Springs Road has been completely redone as well as other projects that are as detailed as new lighting in the town’s parks, or as simple as trimming the grass back from the sidewalks in other places.

In the near future, take a drive through Springdale and check out some of the things that have changed. It’s especially nice at night when you go down through the middle of town with the Christmas decorations up. You can also join them for their annual Christmas Tree Lighting in the park beside the town hall on Monday, December 3rd beginning at 6:00 p.m. You can enjoy free hot chocolate and smores while everyone sings carols with the Springdale Elementary Chorus. You can even make an ornament of your own! Also, let your children enjoy milk and cookies with Santa. The tree lighting festivities last until 8:00 p.m.

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