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Irmo Fire District says they are not a part of “Home Safety Magnet” ad campaign

Irmo, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Irmo Fire District wants the public to know the truth about a campaign that they say a business is behind. Sales people for the company say they are trying to raise money to purchase Home Safety Magnets that are said to be distributed to children in the area. The District said over its social media feeds recently that a company called Fire Safety Magnets has been contacting area businesses stating that they are representing Irmo Fire District. During their contacts, the representatives of the company ask the businesses’ owners to purchase ads or sponsorship on "Home Fire Safety Magnets" to distribute to children. Representatives of the District want the public to know that the IFD is not working with this company in any way.

A quick check of the Better Business Bureau website showed multiple complaints against the company Fire Safety Magnets, Inc. out of Maitland, Florida. Most of the complaints have to do with customers who think they were misled into believing that the Fire Safety Magnets, Inc. was associated with the local fire department and that a portion of their purchase was being given to the fire department. Their representatives sell advertising to businesses on a dry-erase magnet that has fire safety tips and a place to draw your own home escape plan. They also have spots to note your emergency telephone number, emergency contacts for a parent or guardian’s number, and a home address for children or someone that might not be familiar with the address they are calling from. Across the top of these magnets, they have business advertisements.

In their statement the Irmo Fire District said, “You are free to purchase their magnets, but Irmo Fire Department is not involved in any way.” Few fire departments in Lexington County raise money for their operations through fund raisers anymore. If you believe you are being misled or have a question when someone ask you for a donation for the fire department, you should contact that department first before making a donation.

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