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Swansea PD adds two new state-of-the-art police cruisers in 2018

Swansea, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Swansea Police Department recently added two new police cruisers to their fleet. The cars, both 2019 Dodge Charger Pursuits, sport the new department colors which are Destroyer Gray with orange markings. They are taking the place of two Ford Crown Victorias that were both bought in 2011 and had more than 170,000 miles each on them.

Both cars are equipped with the latest in police equipment intended to both protect the officer and the public when the cruiser is in use. It has what is called a 360-degree lighting package that ensures the patrol car is still very visible in an intersection with its emergency lighting on. The Charger Pursuit also comes standard with the Officer Protection Package. This is designed to increase an officer’s awareness about what’s going on outside the car when parked and he or she is working inside the vehicle. It combines the Charger Pursuit’s ParkSense rear park assist system, rear backup camera, and Rear Cross Path detection to alert an officer in several ways if anyone is sneaking around the vehicle while parked. They also have prisoner cages that separate the driver’s area from the rear seat for the protection of the officer behind the wheel.

There have also been some substantial performance upgrades on these cars this year. They have a performance-tuned suspension, load-leveling shocks, a 14.5-inch front and 13.8-inch rear pursuit-rated brake package, front- and rear-stabilizer bars, 18-inch performance tires on steel wheels and two-mode electronic stability control. These babies are also fast when they need to be! The Pursuit Chargers have consistently turned in record times on the track. According to the website, the Charger Pursuit V-8 set the fastest-ever lap time at the 2012 model year Michigan State Police (MSP) Vehicle Evaluation at the Grattan Raceway in Belding, Michigan with a lap of 1:33.70.

Swansea Police Chief Cliff Hayes said that everything came in the new cars except the radios, the Mobilevision dashcams, and the front and back radar systems that they already had. These were just swapped over to the new units from the old cars. The chief said he is currently assessing what the department will do with the older Crown Vics, but hopes to work out something that will give his department some other cars with fewer miles on them. Cars with high mileage are often less safe and more costly to maintain than the newer models.

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