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Lexington One unveils Google Wi-Fi equipped bus to empower students to do better with studies

Pelion, SC (Paul Kirby) – Monday, Lexington School District One unveiled one of six school buses in the district that will be Wi-Fi equipped and will act as “Rolling Study Halls” for students that may not have access to the internet at home or need extra help with their studies. One of the buses that is assigned to Pelion Middle School was shown off and touted as another tool the district will use to help students complete their homework and do better in their classes. This project is a partnership between Google and Lexington District One. The students will work with school assigned computers that they are issued annually to help them with their classes.

Not only do the buses have the Wi-Fi, they each will also have a teacher riding them so that students who need some extra help will be able to ask questions and get help. These teachers that ride the buses can collaborate with a student’s teacher at school so that they are all working toward the same goal, a better educated student. District One selected the buses that would get the services by looking at how long students would be riding each way. Buses that had longer route times were selected so that students could get something productive done before arriving at home or school. This cuts down on time that might otherwise be wasted daydreaming, talking with friends, or simply looking out the window. Although these aren’t necessarily bad ways to pass the time, if a child’s behind in his studies, the “Rolling Study Halls” may be that little extra help they need to push him toward success.

There are currently only 16 school districts in South Carolina that are participating in this project. Lexington One has always been one of the state’s leaders in education, and this is just another innovative approach to teaching modern students to succeed in their lives after graduation.

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