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South Congaree Town Councilman Spires resigns, special election to be held

South Congaree, SC (Paul Kirby) – South Congaree Town Councilman Roger Spires resigned Monday in an e-mail to the mayor and council before the regular meeting of the council on Tuesday, January 15. Spires had gained the seat by write-in campaign in the last election. No reason has been provided the public, however there had been rumors that Spires was contemplating this step for some time. Now there will be a special election held to fill Spire’s term, which runs through April of 2020. Until then, the mayor and the other three councilmembers will set the direction of the town.

The filing dates for the council seat opens February 1st at noon and runs through February 11th at noon. Anyone interested in running that is a resident of the town of South Congaree can go by town hall and get the necessary form to register to run. The special election will be April 16, 2019

In considering whether you’d like to run for the office, the town’s leadership wants potential candidates to understand that this is a serious position that involves time and hard work. The council guides the town’s staff by setting policy, developing short and long-term plans, hearing citizens suggestions and complaints, and generally helps direct how the town is run through its staff. Candidates need to be available to attend meetings and workshops where very important decisions are made. Every month there is one workshop and one regular council meeting scheduled. There may also be the occasional special called meeting at various times throughout the year. You also need to be available to spend extra time with committees, citizens and other meetings regarding town business. This position pays almost nothing, and sometimes it can seem as if you’re just treading water.

Now, the question that you might have is why in the world would I do this? Serving your community and helping to get things done for the benefit of everyone in town can be super rewarding. Just like sitting back and looking at a perfectly manicured lawn that you just spent hours on, there can be a great deal of satisfaction in riding through town and saying, “I took part in making this happen.” Your participation may be in a project that makes the town look or function better and be a much better and safer place to live and play. Think the Christmas snowflakes look nice? A town council decided to originally purchase those and recently refurbish them too. Even the trees along Main Street, the electronic sign, or the lights over the sidewalks at night were all things the town council made happen. Even the town’s Christmas tree was planted by councilmembers and volunteers. You really can make a difference that may be there and visible for decades to come by being a willing servant of the people.

To qualify, you must be 18 years old or older, be a registered voter, live within the town limits, and have that willingness to serve. Remember, you can get the forms necessary to register right now at the town hall. It’s at 119 West Berry Road, West Columbia (South Congaree).

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