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Lexington County US Congressman Joe Wilson says he supports Trump’s compromise

Lexington County, SC – Republican Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-2) is making it very clear that he is in support of President Donald Trump’s compromise that was released recently to restart the government through compromise. Even though there were several concessions to the Democrats in the offer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that they reject it. The Democrats now hold one chamber of the legislative branch but have made it clear they do not wish to negotiate with the president if he is still demanding money for more physical barriers on America’s southern border. This could leave our government shuttered in what’s already claimed the title of the longest governmental shut down in history. It looks as if it could stay closed indefinitely.

In his statement released by e-mail Saturday Wilson said, "‪While President Donald Trump presented a reasonable compromise to address our broken immigration system, border crisis, and the government shutdown today, Democrat Leadership continued to show their unwillingness to reach across the aisle and work together. The American people must come first."

Wilson was re-elected to another term in November handily beating Democrat Sean Carrigan to retain his seat in the heavily Republican district.

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