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OPINION: Is Trump a madman or are America’s politicians lost with a president who’s not presidential

Lexington County, SC (Paul Kirby) – As we continue enduring the longest government shutdown in history, Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is doing her best not to negotiate with President Donald Trump regarding a border wall at all. Some major polls indicate that Trump is catching the worst of the public's opinion regarding this. Most politicians think he's a madman and should cave because the polls are turning against him. That’s what most other politicians in their right mind would do. The problem as I see it is many of us common folks voted for Trump because he's not your usual politician. He's as close to being one of us as anyone can be when they’re a very rich man from New York City. He really doesn't care what you think of him, he's got such a high opinion of himself, there's enough love to go around!

When he was elected in 2016, he was elected as a Republican. The truth is, I don't think he really was or is. I also don't think he is a Democrat. I think he's a member of the Get Things Done party. After decades of seeing problems that affected my life in Pelion, SC that the federal government seemed powerless to do anything about, I was ready for a big change from business as usual in Washington. I just wanted someone running things that would make a promise and keep it, even if their numbers dropped in the polls. I really wanted someone to get things done. For various reasons, excuses in my opinion, we have had a federal government that just couldn't seem to get anything productive done for years.

People have described President Trump as a madman, blasting off tweets in rapid fire fashion, saying whatever is on his mind. He’s also a bully that likes to call people names, right Pocahontas and Little Rocket Man? I don't do that, but I don't think I'd be a good President either. I am too diplomatic, kind hearted; I worry about hurting people's feelings, and try to ask politely, not give orders. It seems as if we've tried lots of nice guys like me before. With the exception of Ronald Reagan, every president since Jimmy Carter we’ve elected has tried to act “presidential” without much success. It took a gun slinging cowboy like Reagan to end the Cold War and reunify Berlin. Just the knowledge he was to be inaugurated was enough to make the Iranians release their American hostages after 444 days of captivity. He got things done. I don't think Trump carries a six-shooter, he carries a 20 mm cannon!

Certainly, Donald Trump is a brash bully from NYC. Let’s all face it. Where I live, he’s considered a damn Yankee! Sometimes I wish I could drive to Washington and take his phone out of his hand and throw it in the reflecting pool. This would be my own little intervention to make him control his tweeting habit. Just say NO Donald, please. No matter his personality or history of stretching the truth a bit, he's doing the things he said he would do. He’s done that no matter the political consequences and I like that. He's probably the least likely living President I'd like to be close friends with, but that's okay too. If I want a President to drink beer and watch a ball game with, I think Obama or W are both much nicer guys. No, I hired Trump with my vote to make things happen, not be presidential or well-liked. He actually seemed to be getting things done until Nancy and the Democrats took the house. Now, make a sound like tires skidding to a stop with your mouth here, because that's what seems to have happened.

I would offer a word of advice to all people who are politicians. First, most of those who work hard for a living don't answer when the pollsters call. Caller ID is a wonderful thing. We're too tired from actually working all day to share our opinions with you. We're still out here and we feel the same way, we're just not in the mood for 20 questions when Street Outlaws is on The Discovery Channel! Don't trust your polls, forget us, or take us for granted, or ever bet on our support or opposition to your candidate or opponent.

Second, we do want a border wall in some portions along our southern border. Call it a wall, call it slats, call it a thing-a-majig, it's still the same to us, a physical barrier. When we go to bed each night, we lock our doors and cut out the lights. We expect the same with our country. You want to come in, knock and I'll say, “Who is it,” at home. I would never just throw open the door and invite whoever in. If you come in without the knock, you'll be going out horizontally in a body bag. Our country has rules for letting the right people in just like I do at home. Just knock and give us a chance to decide who can enter. Mexico opened their door and just let everyone in. Ask them how that turned out.

Some of you may say the president and I are racist, or we hate everyone who's different than us. We are both white and men for sure. That doesn’t make us racist by default. To you folks I'd say you don't know me very well. I have tons of immigrant friends and ones who are of various races. I bet the President has more. Hey, the man married an immigrant, right? He's traveled the world more and met more people than me I'm sure. I bet he has lots of foreign friends. When my mother died, a close friend of mine who immigrated from India came to her funeral. I was honored to learn it was the first time he’d every attended one here in America. I found it humorous that he asked other people how he should act at an American funeral. Come as you are and act like you do would have been my response. I love to talk and learn from people all over the world. It makes you smarter.

Does Donald Trump negotiate with killers who've taken the lives of their own countrymen, yes! Do I think that talking is terrible, no! We’ve tried for decades to be diplomatic and use sanctions to facilitate changes in countries like North Korea without success. If I can talk to anyone and stop the madness I would. Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. If that's true, our country has been insane in its foreign affairs for years. I'll trade North Korea a KFC or McDonald's in their capital and send the premier a bottle of his favorite liquor if it will help. If talking doesn’t work, remember we do have a bigger button Little Rocket Man!

I don't think we need to pull out of NATO, and I think some treaties we’ve turned our backs on have merit. What I don't like is the USA carrying more than its fair share. I don't know about you, but my shoulders are tired. I am tired of getting the stinky end of the stick from lots of the rest of the world. I love to play, let’s just all play by the same rules. Some of our treaties about everything from trade to the climate are so lopsided it's almost annihilated manufacturing and other jobs in America. If other countries that are members of NATO were renters, they would have been living in the street years ago. They don't pay their bills with money, they pay them with promises. Pay your mortgage with promises and let me know how that works out for you.

You know what I think, the opposition hates Donald Trump because he beat their queen and they were shocked. Now, the socialist side is throwing them into even more disarray. They can't seem to run their own party; please stay in the passenger seat when it comes to operating our country. Your only real platform seems to be we hate Donald Trump! You even trashed the man for serving fast-food to good old southern college football players. What do 350-pound boys from Clemson enjoy, caviar on crostini’s? The burgers and pizzas were spot on and made him a hero in the eyes of many of us. You hate Donald Trump? We get that, move on.

I could go on, but I think by now you must get it. I'm not a racist or immoral. To me immoral is letting your children think that life is fair, or anything comes for free. I teach mine that if you work harder, have the next bright idea, or do a better job than the person beside you, you can still succeed here. I teach them to respect the police, their elders, and to pay their part when the bill comes. I also teach them not to be oversensitive, that some people are just mean and that's on them, not you. I also say to them, “It’s hard to succeed when you're wallowing in pity about how tough things are.” I want mine to get up, brush themselves off, and get going again when they fail. To teach them any differently is what’s immoral to me.

I don’t hate Democrats, I love their ideas. Free health care, free college, better wages, and on and on. These are all great ideas I really want to work. I also want a brand-new car. Mine has nearly 200,000 miles on it. The problems I have with the Democrats’ ideals are the same reason I haven’t bought the car. I can’t afford it. I’m a bit wary of sending more tax money to Washington for the government to hand out all this free stuff on my behalf. They’re not doing a very good job of managing what I send them now!

In 2020, the average Joe like me will probably once again vote for the person who is as far from a typical politician as possible. We'll vote for whomever seems like he can keep us safe, working, and being respected by the rest of the world who loves to hate us until they need our help.

I once had a man running for office as a Democrat tell me that the government was our friend. Lots of us believe limited government is our friend and in more cases than less, the government should butt out of our lives. That man lost his race and so can you! If you spend the next four years worrying about what my shopping bag is made of and whether my kids use a paper or plastic straw, and you don't do anything about returning good jobs to America, making life better for my family, or making me feel safer, your party may stay away from the driver's seat of government for years to come.

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