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Lexington residents have “amazing” experience visiting President Trump in oval office with Clemson T

Washington DC (Paul Kirby) – Several Lexington residents recently got to visit with President Donald Trump in the oval office of the White House when the Clemson Tigers were there being recognized for winning the National College Football Championship. Lexington residents Bob and Donna Peeler were surprised to be asked if they’d like to visit President Trump’s office while they were enjoying the junk food bonanza and reception that the president laid out for the ravenous Tigers while on their official visit.

Bob Peeler is a member of Clemson University’s Board of Trustees and is the former lieutenant governor of South Carolina. He and his family were also dairy farmers in the upstate for many years and life-long Clemson devotees. His wife Donna is the intergovernmental relations director at the Lexington County Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission. Donna said recently she was pleased when she was informed that there was enough room on the airplane carrying the team and dignitaries for the spouses to tag along. She thought she’d get to visit the White House, spend some time with the team and coaches, feast on lunch provided by the president, which turned out to be a surprise junk food banquet, and enjoy a special day with her husband. She took a personal day from work and the couple jetted off to Washington with everyone else.

Donna said the team and their group were really enjoying the party the president threw in a banquet room at the White House when Trump suddenly asked Coach Dabo Swinney, his wife, and some of the others from the group if they’d like to see his office. “It was a completely spontaneous invitation and I’m sure the secret service agents must just hate that,” Donna joked recently. “He just rounded up a bunch of us and off we went! It was just like him to do something completely off the cuff and amazing like that!”

While touring the office, the Peelers and the rest of their party got to pose with the president for a photo behind his desk. Later, each person in the picture was sent a copy of the picture by the White House staff. Eventually, the day had to end, the group boarded the plane, and flew back to SC with some once-in-a-lifetime memories of their day. “This will be an amazing story to tell everyone,” Donna said. “It was absolutely an unforgettable day.”

Pictured from left to right with President Trump:

Marcie Radakovich, Martha McKissick, Dan Radakovich, Smythe McKissick, Jim Clements, Beth Clements, Tim Scott, Jeff Duncan, David Wilkins, Kathleen Swinney, Dabo Swinney, Ronnie Lee, Bob Peeler, Donna Peeler and Nicky McCarter

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