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UPDATE: Cayce Department of Public Safety says training the cause of police presence at older school

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Cayce Department of Public Safety is asking that the public stay calm if they drive by the Claude A. Taylor Elementary at 103 Ann Lane, or the Granby Education Center at 1407 Dunbar Road, and see lots of emergency vehicles including police cars starting today, Monday, February 25, 2019. According to the department, some first responder training will be taking place at these schools. This training, coordinated by SLED, will run during business hours Monday February 25 through Friday March 1.

Buildings like these schools are perfect for all types of emergency training. Because they are large and have many different rooms, they serve as a real-life example of what police officers, firefighters, or EMS personnel may run into during their normal duty hours at any given time. Large sections can be used, or small portions of the buildings can be cordoned off to a more appropriate size if necessary. From active shooter training scenarios, to search and rescue missions, almost any type of situation can be simulated in that type of building.

Several of Lexington District Two’s older schools are empty or no longer in use. They were replaced after the last bond referendum provided the funds necessary to construct new schools that took their place. The district often used buildings that were 40 or 50-years old prior to the construction. Lending some of the empty structures to police and fire departments benefits the district in many ways. Those agencies' personnel will be better trained to respond and help them ensure the safety of the students at their new schools if a situation should ever arise.

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