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New learning center brings a variety of tutoring resources to Lexington through experienced professi

Lexington, SC (Jack Kunowsky) - A brand new tutoring center just opened on East Main St. in Lexington and it is already proving to be a revolutionary place of learning. Local public-school teachers Dr. Phillip Thomas, Ryan Panter, and Cliff Roberts got together to develop the concept of opening a unique learning center last fall; a place where students aren’t confined to just sitting at a desk regurgitating information. Months later,on February 18th, 2019, the Lexington Tutoring Academy officially opened its doors.

The center offers a variety of areas of study including private math, reading/writing, and science tutoring. Flex tutoring in math, archery lessons, SAT/ACT prep, and Spanish tutoring are also part of the academy’s repertoire, as are more community-oriented classes such as CPR, boaters’ education, and photography. The center employs outside of the box methods of learning and teaching to make it an interactive and effective experience. Students can choose from sitting at a desk in a regular chair, on a wobble stool, a yoga ball, or even a balance board as options to a standard desk or table. The research behind “active classrooms” like these is really quite interesting. For example, movement in the classroom has been proven to fuel the creation of new brain cells. Further research and fast facts on active classrooms and sensory oriented learning strategies can be found on the center’s website at: https://www.lexingtontutoringacademy.com/the-research.

In a telephone interview with Dr. Phillip Thomas, one of the co-owners of the Lexington Tutoring Academy, this past Friday, quickly revealed he is a personable man who shows a great passion for learning and teaching. He is currently an outdoor adventure education teacher at a middle school in Lexington County. He said that he, Mr. Panter, and Mr. Roberts, “saw the need for a new center of learning in the community,” and that they wanted to do something different, as their uncommon methods and offerings serve to show. “I remember going to these corporate tutoring centers when I was younger and dreading it,” he said. He went on to describe that those experiences helped inspire him to provide a redefined tutoring experience, one that he strives to make as enjoyable as possible.

The Lexington Tutoring Academy is the preeminent center of its kind in Lexington, as its unique variety of offerings and learning strategies separate it from the rest. If you are interested in learning more about the center or booking a session, go to https://www.lexingtontutoringacademy.com/.

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