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Small fire outside Captain D’s in Lexington quickly extinguished

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – A small fire outside the Captain D’s on Columbia Avenue in Lexington was quickly extinguished Thursday afternoon. Multiple Lexington County fire trucks and personnel were dispatched to a fire that was thought to be the restaurant. At one point, management thought the fire might be coming from under the building, but the building’s owner said it had been built on a slab, making that impossible. Upon closer evaluation, it was discovered that someone had discarded smoking material in one of the flower beds which had started a small fire there in the mulch. The fire service arrived very quickly, and most of the equipment and firefighters that had not arrived on scene after the first few fire engines were released to return to their quarters. The building’s owner said he had spoken by telephone to the restaurant’s management and everything was okay. Customers and staff were in the building and service was proceeding as normal.

Thursday was the second day in a row that this portion of Columbia Avenue has seen fire equipment in their vicinity. Wednesday afternoon, a Freon leak at the Bi-Lo caused the evacuation of that store until fire service haz-mat technicians were able to stop the flow of the gas. No one was reported injured in that incident.

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