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GreenWise Market, another high-end specialty grocer, enters the Lexington area

Lexington, SC (Amy Eberflus) - GreenWise Market has announced they will be joining the Lexington niche grocer business. They have reportedly signed a lease to occupy an existing space in the 5000 block of Sunset Boulevard. The building was initially slated to house a Fresh Market, according to previous reports. Sources say that the existing businesses’ leases may increase in the area with the arrival of the new anchor store. The grocer will occupy one of the two final spots in the strip mall. That building is already home to Ulta, Smoothie King, and a clothing store.

The new specialty store lands right in the middle of an already saturated grocery market in that area. They will have an Aldi’s, Leidel’s, Lowe’s Foods, and Target as neighbors in one direction,and Publix, Walmart, and Food Lion in the other.All have some differences, but all these businesses certainly feature groceries as a core product.

GreenWise Markets bring alternative features their parent company Publix doesn’t offer. You’ll find a more unique, personal, and upscale experience. There will also be some of the features you’ve come to expect at the larger sister store, the Sunset Boulevard Publix that’s within a mile of the GreenWise Market’s location. The new store will include a drink bar, locally roasted coffee, kombucha on tap, and a wide variety of organic products that aren’t currently offered at Publix.

The markets will have five unique sections. GreenWise names each area based on what you can find there. They include.

1. Pours (beverages)

2. Eats (prepared foods)

3. Care (personal & health items)

4. Find (specialty foods)

5. Cuts (deli)

GreenWise Markets offers you the option of entering your phone number during check out. This immediately links your rewards account, offering you a more personalized shopping experience than the rewards program at Publix. The rewards program is said to be based around products you often purchase. It includes special deals on things you buy regularly. You also have the ability to make charitable donations, receive a birthday surprise, and enjoy several other advantages based on your shopping history.

The parent company of Publix and Greenwise has said that following the Lexington opening, Mt. Pleasant, SC is the next city slated to receive a GreenWise.

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