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Springdale Mayor Michael Bishop provides latest update on Wilton Road dam

Springdale, SC (Paul Kirby) – Springdale Mayor Michael Bishop said in an e-mailed release Thursday that he had checked into the latest progress of the Wilton Road dam after numerous requests from the public to do so. The dam failed during the floods of 2015 and since then, there have been major issues deciding whose responsibility it was to repair it. It is just outside the town’s limits, but it has been a major hindrance in that it has had the road completely closed since the floods.

State law prevents the SCDOT from building or maintaining anything that would back up or hold water; this means dams. They can maintain their roads across a dam, but not maintain the dam underneath. Because the dam itself on Wilton Road was damaged, the owner of that structure was required to do the repairs on it first. In the case of Wilton Road, records were very unclear as to who even owned it. That was just established last year. After negotiating with the dam’s owner, the SCDOT could begin the process of engineering so that the road could be replaced and opened across the new dam.

In his e-mail, Bishop said that a firm called HDR has been contracted to do the engineering on the project this summer. After the drawings are completed and approved, work on the dam should begin in the fall of this year. Bishop said that the SCDOT has made a commitment to have the dam open by the fall of 2020.

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