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Swansea PD arrest juvenile after chasing two dirt bikes through two counties

Swansea, SC (Paul Kirby) – Swansea Police Chief Clif Hayes said Thursday that a 16 year-old boy was taken into custody at a home in the 1000 block of Whetstone Road after officers chased him and a companion on two dirt bikes. Hayes said that his department had received multiple reports that the dirt bikes were riding in the area around the high school and he believes the two boys that led them on the chase are the culprits behind the complaints.

Hayes said he first spotted the bikers Thursday just after noon in the area of Bud Rish Road, but they were outside the town’s limits. He instinctively had a feeling they were headed toward the school, so he moved into a position and waited for them. The two crossed into town and came up on him waiting for them. When they saw the cruiser with its lights activated, they both accelerated and ran. Hayes gave chase as other officers from Gaston began heading his way to assist. The pair eventually split up and one turned across a plowed field where Hayes wouldn’t take his patrol car. The second bike stayed on the road with Chief Hayes chasing it. That lone rider eventually led the pursuit into Calhoun County with the Swansea cruiser close behind. There, Calhoun County deputies helped but the teen turned back into Lexington County with the police right behind it. The biker gave Hayes the slip by going off road, but the police were able to track its distinctive tire tracks right up to a home. The teen rider, whom Hayes had seen clearly because he wasn’t wearing a helmet, was getting into a car there, attempting to leave. At that point, the officers took the boy into custody. Hayes said that he got a clear look at the second rider and he should be easy to identify and find.

Chief Hayes said that the dirt bike was towedand the teen was taken back to the Swansea Police Department where his parents were notified. He was questioned and eventually turned over to them. His case is being referred to family court for prosecution.

Hayes said that he especially wants the young man to understand how dangerous his actions were. He said the boy could easily have been killed or killed someone else. Hayes said he told the teen that running from the police was a serious crime and riding on the road without a helmet only makes things worse. Hayes thanked the officers from the Gaston Police Department and the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department for lending their assistance.

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