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Lexington Police Department trying to educate the public on the right & wrong way to turn at a d

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) - Over the past several months, the Lexington Police Department has received numerous complaints from citizens regarding traffic being held up on Hope Ferry Road at Sunset Boulevard. These backups are being caused by drivers that are making illegal left turns into the Walgreens at that intersection. In response to the continued complaints, officers have been working enforcement in that area. If they witness drivers doing this, they are being issued a citation for making an illegal turn. Lexington police officers have reminded the public that the fine for making an illegal turn is $232.50 and takes four points from your driver’s license.

This area has had several No Left Turn signs installed at the intersection along with a raised turn lane / island to dissuade drivers from attempting this illegal turn; still the problem persists. The Lexington Police Department has asked that motorists please keep traffic moving on Hope Ferry Road and don't take the risk of making a left turn. If you do, you could get a big ticket or worse, cause or be involved in an accident.

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