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Town of Springdale second sign placed at the I-26 off-ramp is larger, easier to see

Springdale, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Town of Springdale has installed its second, eye-appealing granite sign at the east-bound exit ramp of I-26 at Airport Boulevard. This sign is larger and much easier to notice as motorists exit the interstate and enter the town.

This is the second sign to be installed after town council approved the project. The first, installed near Wattling and Delree, is the same look and design, just slightly smaller. When the council saw the first sign’s size, they decided to scale up to make the beautiful signs more visible. That first sign weighed about 14,000 pounds so this larger one is certainly not something someone’s going to walk away with! The town eventually plans to install four of these in total at various point where people enter into Springdale. This is being done at a measured pace, and some are contingent on receiving permission from right-of-way or land owners.

The signs are not being paid for out of the town’s general operating budget. They are being paid for by Accommodations Taxes, a tax on every hotel or motel room rented in the town. The rules for “A” Tax use are very specific. They can’t be used to hire police officers or buy things like garbage trucks. They are meant to be used for projects just like the signs that will make Springdale more inviting so that more people will come and visit and rent more motel rooms.

The signs are a continuation of the current administration’s efforts to improve the look of the town and the measure of pride the citizens have in it. They made this a priority several years ago and have since been changing the look of much of the town to a more attractive, eye appealing community.

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