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Batesburg-Leesville Fire Department deploys BlitzFire nozzles to their first out engines

Batesburg-Leesville, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Batesburg-Leesville Fire Department has recently purchased and deployed two Task Force Tip BlitzFire monitor nozzles to their first out fire engines. There is one stationed at the Batesburg station, and another at the Leesville station. These state-of-the-art nozzle systems allow firefighters to apply a large amount of water in an offensive or defensive fire attack with a minimum amount of manpower and maximum safety.

Task Force Tips is a nationally recognized manufacturer of fire department nozzles. For years, the company has been on the cutting edge of new firefighting hardware and devices. Their BlitzFire is considered a monitor nozzle, a special nozzle that’s usually mounted to the ground, a truck, or ladder. It’s designed to send a large amount of water onto any fire that would need lots of water to extinguish it. In the past, these nozzle systems have been heavy, hard to deploy if used off the truck, and required a firefighter to aim and operate it at its tip. This was needed unless a great deal more money was spent on one that could be electronically controlled while mounted to the fire truck or an aerial ladder. Most older model monitor nozzles were used for pouring on large quantities of water in a defensive manner when a structure was so far gone it was being written off by commanders. This was normally called surround and drown.

The BlitzFires being used by Batesburg-Leesville are lightweight and easy to maneuver. One man can easily carry it with the hose already attached. Once deployed, they have a low angle of attack so they can be aimed through the bottom floor doors or the lowest windows of a structure. This lets them be used in an offensive way in the initial attack. They can also be angled way up, making them versatile enough to put water through a window or opening of an upper floor.

The BlitzFire nozzles also have a feature that allows them to automatically sweep back and forth without muscle power from a firefighter. This feature can be used to cool buildings and other objects adjacent to a fire without requiring the expenditure of effort by the crews to make it sweep. This is also good for use in dispersing gas clouds from leaks and applying foam to flammable liquid fires.

Since receiving their new nozzles, the career and volunteer firefighters in Batesburg-Leesville have been learning the proper way to deploy and use the new nozzles. They know this will ensure that when the time is right, their use will be second nature to all the firefighters who have sworn to keep the town safe from fire.

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