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Fairview area church with more than a century of history has a program for today’s youth

Fairview, SC (Paul Kirby) – Convent Baptist Church, located between Leesville and Pelion near Fairview Crossroads, has a rich history. It was founded back in the 1800s and has been consistently spreading the gospel throughout the years. It has weathered war times, storms, and a world that has seen the first man walk on the moon, computers and cell phones developed, and the rise of the world-wide web. Through it all, Convent has been there with its doors open, welcoming those who either had a need or were willing to help someone who did.

Anyone who knows anything about a church knows that its young people are the key to its survival. People often grow up in the church, but eventually they also move or pass on. Without a steady stream of young people and young families coming in the door to sustain it for the future, a church will wither and eventually close its doors as the last memorial service is completed. That’s why Convent is focusing on spreading the great news of Jesus Christ not just to its own adult members’ children, but young people from the community that haven’t heard the good word yet too!

The youth of Convent have commandeered the original sanctuary and fellowship hall for their own. They have developed programs for different ages, but Joshua Goldsberry and his wife Casey have dedicated themselves wholly to the ministry that focuses on what they call the youth. These are young people who are middle school through high school ages, some of the most difficult and challenging times of a youngster’s life.

Joshua and Casey’s youth meet from 7 until 8:00 p.m. on Wednesdays, and from 6 to 7:00 p.m. on Sundays. The Goldsberrys usually get there early and stay late to make sure every child can connect on a personal level. They often spend that extra time just enjoying each other's company, team building, or through sports and cook outs. Along with these activities, they dig seriously into bible study at a level that everyone can understand, while keeping even the most educated young Bible scholar interested and asking questions. Joshua recently said that young people need to have a firm foundation and a Biblical answer to, "Why Christianity," before heading out to face the world. He said that rather than preaching at their youth group, they take an interactive approach where questions and comments are encouraged; Each insight is considered valuable.

The group also try to have semi-regular activities planned outside of the church building. This keeps the young people excited and coming. Things like Winter Jam, Rock the Park, aquariums and beach trips, and The Ark Encounter have been just a few. They do these at no cost to parents so no one’s finances will exclude their participation. All of Convent’s drivers and chaperones are required to submit to background and driving history checks for the safety of our youth and peace of mind of their parents.

You can feel free to contact Joshua by email at, or simply call him on the phone at (803) 603-3511 with any questions. He tries to make himself available to the youth and their parents or guardians 24/7. Convent Baptist Church is located at 787 Convent Church Road, Leesville, SC 29070. People of all ages are invited to come.

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