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Lexington Three students offered immersive learning opportunities through virtual reality

Batesburg-Leesville, SC - Students in Lexington Three are taking their learning to the next level through the use of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is an experience that is created using special, interactive technology (typically a head-mounted display) that provides users with a realistic simulation of a three-dimensional environment using both sight and sound. In the world of education, Virtual Reality allows teachers to guide students through collections of 360-degree scenes and 3D objects without ever leaving the classroom.

Since their inception into Lexington Three’s technology system, the Virtual Reality displays, which operate on the Google Expeditions platform, have been used in a variety of different ways. For example, seventh grade students used the technology to explore the circulatory system, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students participated in a virtual campus tour of Clemson University, and B-L Middle School art students explored post-impressionism work through a virtual museum tour. All of the Virtual Reality sessions can be guided and controlled by the teacher and parallel with activity sheets that are designed to encourage students to collaborate, discuss and analyze their learning.

Lexington Three purchased two complete class sets of Virtual Reality displays using technology funding. The Virtual Reality carts are being used at B-L Middle and B-L High Schools right now, but the district hopes to eventually expand this hands-on learning opportunity to students at B-L Primary and B-L Elementary Schools as well.

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