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Cayce Department of Public Safety preforms Prom Promise Airport High School

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) – The senior class of Airport High School stood in the sun behind the school’s football stadium Thursday to witness a car wreck that ended with some of their classmates seriously injured and two headed to jail. Four had been involved in a collision after drinking and using drugs at their Senior High School Prom. The accident was actually staged by The Cayce Department of Public Safety and Target Zero to demonstrate to all the students what could happen to them when they choose to drive while intoxicated. The realistic reenactment was a sobering reminder that if you party while at the prom, you should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Corporal Josh Addy of the Cayce Department of Public Safety said that it was the department’s hope that the students would see how serious driving under the influence could be. He spoke of how it not only has an effect on the student who is driving, but their friends, families, and the community as a whole. By the end of the demonstration, if one student had decided that it just wasn’t worth it to take the chance, Addy said that the efforts that went into the demonstration would have been worth it.

Please watch this video and see what can happen if you decide to drive while intoxicated.

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