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Lexington County Coroner’s 2018 report released, suicides and overdoses of great concern

Lexington, SC - The Lexington County Coroner’s Office, under the direction of Coroner Margaret Fisher, has completed its 2018 Annual Report. This report, the fourth of its kind to be released by their office, is a compilation of demographic and statistical data based on the death investigations conducted by the Lexington County Coroner’s Office in 2018. The primary goals of this report is to educate citizens about the purpose and responsibilities of the Coroner’s Office and to prevent deaths in Lexington County.

Coroner Fisher and her staff witness the heartbreak caused by preventable tragedies daily. Together, their team compiles the annual report to increase public awareness surrounding the causes of such tragedies. Currently, based on statistics and the possibility of prevention, their primary concerns are suicides and accidental deaths, particularly those caused by overdoses. Coroner Fisher and her staff say it is their sincere hope that providing information regarding the deaths handled by their office will prompt citizens to realize the prevalence and impact of these types of deaths, be aware of the risks, take warning signs seriously, and seek help for those who need it.

In the e-mail statement that prefaced their report, Coroner Fisher said, “There is no way to lessen the devastation caused by the deaths that have occurred; however, we seek to honor the decedents and their loved ones by gaining knowledge from each death.” She also said that for many years, research of fatalities and the events that have caused deaths has resulted in vast improvements to consumer products, occupational safety, and laws and policies. She and her staff hope that their research will improve the lives of the people of Lexington County.

In concluding the message accompanying the report, the coroner and her staff said countless lives have been saved through gathering information and distributing it to the public, and the Lexington County Coroner’s Office is dedicated to contributing to this effort by compiling their annual report.

Click on this LINK to download the 2018 report.

Click on this LINK to download the 2018 report.

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