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Springdale’s Police Chief says SRO went above and beyond after accident at Springdale Elementary

Springdale, SC (Paul Kirby) – Springdale Police Chief Kevin Cornett recently took to social media to praise one of his department’s officers for going above and beyond the call of duty. He did so after a student was injured during a field day at the Springdale Elementary. He used what he referred to as the “Chief’s Spotlight” to recognize the School Resource Officer at the school after a resident contacted him to share this story.

According to Chief Cornett, on April 12th, School Resource Officer Harrelson was commended by a parent that has a student at Springdale Elementary School. During the day, a student was playing on the playground and fell causing an injury to his head. The parent was there for field day and quickly helped get the child to the school nurse. SRO Harrelson was “right there” with the nurse, according to the parent. The parent said that SRO Harrelson helped calm the student, applied pressure to the wound, called EMS, and helped get the parents on their way to the hospital. The parent went on to say that they thought that was the end of their day with SRO Harrelson, but she showed up at the children’s hospital with a Sprite and M&Ms for the child.

Cornett said this is a prime example of going above and beyond. It shows the compassion that SRO Harrelson has for the students at her school. The chief said, “I can’t say it any better than the parent did to me.” The parent told the chief, “You are incredibly blessed to have her on your staff.” Cornett said he agreed 100%! Chief Cornett concluded by saying, “We are very proud of SRO Harrelson and all that she does for our awesome little town. Please take a moment to show her how much we appreciate her.”

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