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DHEC confirms rabid cat found in Lexington

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – DHEC confirmed Thursday that a stray cat that attacked several people in Lexington on May 10th has tested positive for rabies. According to the town, three people were referred to their health care providers after being potentially exposed to rabies by the stray cat. The town said that the victims were attacked by the cat near Duffie Drive and Chariot Street.

Officials ask that citizens be extra cautious of any animal that is acting sick or in other ways out of the ordinary. An animal that would normally shy away from human contact, but suddenly shows no fear of humans, should be considered dangerous. If you see an animal acting in a manner that concerns you, report it to (803) 785-2521 for information as to who you can contact and what you can do.

Please remember shooting a firearm in the Town of Lexington is illegal. This is the case with most municipalities in Lexington County. You may discharge a firearm in unincorporated portions of the county as long as you do so carefully so as not to injure anyone or damage the property of others.

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