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Lexington County's favorite premium ice cream, Clemson’s Best, set to release fifth flavor soon

Clemson, SC - To celebrate its first birthday, CLEMSON’S BEST™, Lexington County's favorite premium ice cream, is churning up a new flavor and brand officials want you to participate in the party. Correctly guess the fifth flavor for a chance to win something good. What that is, part planners aren’t quite sure, but they bet it will make you happy — just like the ice cream has done since the 2018 Spring Game Weekend, when baseball fans were the first to taste CLEMSON’S BEST™ at its grand slam debut.

Guess the new flavor by clicking this link. The winner or winners will be contacted by phone or email.

CLEMSON’S BEST™ is a Certified SC product made with ingredients grown or produced by former students. It is sold throughout Lexington County and the state. Part of its mission is paying it forward and continuing rural America’s farming legacy. From Day One 10 percent of ice cream sales were pledged to the university’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences. So far, you’ve helped donate more than $13,000 to the CAFLS Advantage program, which promotes learning beyond the classroom.

Opportunities include undergraduate research, on-the-job training and participation in summer camps. Students also can enroll in study-at-home programs — mostly during spring break — that expose them to South Carolina business experiences in food processing, packaging, agribusiness and natural resources. There’s also a study-abroad component that allows students to learn farm practices in Australia, animal science in Germany and France, and crop diversity in Sri Lanka, an independent island nation near south Asia, where large numbers of the population are hungry and malnourished.

To keep up that good work, and enjoy yourself while doing it, look for pints of CLEMSON’S BEST™ at more than 100 Ingles locations across South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. Numerous farm-to-market businesses also sell CLEMSON’S BEST™, even when most major retailers have given it the snub. Sysco Foods Columbia (South Carolina) also has made CLEMSON’S BEST™ its premium ice cream brand.

You can find out where to buy your Clemson's Best ice cream by going to The Lexington Ledger at and clicking the Clemson' Best banner at the top of the HAPPENING NOW page.

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