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Chapin ice cream lovers are falling for the new brand in town

Chapin, SC - The new taste in town is the talk of the town in Chapin, where ice cream lovers recently were introduced to a new brand. They love it, says Brian Willette, owner of Doza Rizen Café, the area’s only retailer of CLEMSON’S BEST™ Gourmet Ice Cream.

The gourmet soup, salad and sandwich shop at 107 A Virginia Street took delivery of 104 pints on May 14. A week later, the owner ordered another 72. That’s a lot of ice cream for a cozy café that sells out-of-this-world chicken salad, pimento cheese to die for, and paninis of all sorts that just might send you over the moon. And, oh goodness, the grape salad. Check out TripAdvisor’s reviews, which have earned Doza Rizen the travel site’s second-highest rated restaurant in Chapin.

Everything is fresh and handmade to order — much like CLEMSON’S BEST™ Gourmet Ice Cream. It’s not home churned like grandma made but close enough. Of the four flavors available at the café, Willette says Strawberry Shortcake and Caramel Butter Pecan are the fan favorites. There’s also Homemade Vanilla, and Peaches N Cream. Get your favorite for $5.99 per pint, plus tax.

Fans of Doza Rizen went wild when staff announced on the restaurant’s Facebook page that CLEMSON’S BEST™ had arrived. Some immediately posted, “On my way now.” Another follower said, “It is the BOMB. Clemson Blue Cheese rocks, too.” One wrote, “Save me some Caramel Butter Pecan.”

“Oh, my gosh,” another said with a smiley face to seal the deal. “I already loved this place but now.” Seconds later, someone followed with, “It is now the perfect dining establishment.”

CLEMSON’S BEST™ ice cream is a Certified SC product made with ingredients grown or produced by former students. Cows from Hickory Hill Farm in Edgefield make the milk. Strawberries come from McLeod Farms in McBee. Peaches are grown at Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, and pecans come from Yon Family Farms, also in Ridge Spring. The ice cream also contains 16 percent butterfat — much more than more recognizable brands.

To celebrate its first birthday, CLEMSON’S BEST™ is churning up a new flavor, and brand officials want ice cream enthusiasts to participate scooping party. Correctly guess the fifth flavor for a chance to win something good. What that is, party planners aren’t quite yet sure, but they bet it will make you happy — just like the ice cream has done since the 2018 Spring Game Weekend. That’s when baseball fans were the first outside the test kitchen to taste CLEMSON’S BEST™ at its grand slam debut.

Guess the new flavor at The winner or winners will be contacted by phone or e-mail.

To learn more about the ice cream, visit

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