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Chapin Garden Club dedicates bluebird nesting boxes

Chapin, SC (Diana Nation) - Gather some town dignitaries and some special guests together and you have the makings for the Chapin Community Bluebird Trail Dedication.

The event began outside with a welcome from former Chapin Garden Club President, Cindy Chin who introduced current garden club president, Kathy Ceruti. A blessing was given by garden club chaplain Mary LaFond, followed by Chapin’s former Mayor Stan Shealy leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Ed Chin, honorary garden club member and husband of the former president Cindy Chin, read the dedication of the five bluebird nesting boxes along the trail next to the town hall. Box #3 has already had five hatchlings earlier this month. “Our trail was established in March of 2018 with just a few nesting boxes in our own back yard,” said Ed Chin. “It now grows steadily across Chapin and beyond.”

Following the dedication, Chapin Mayor David Knight was introduced. The honorable Mayor Knight made a short speech thanking everyone for their hard work and dedication to keeping the grounds looking beautiful and accessible to everyone. He then cut the ribbon to rousing applause.

Everyone moved inside to see various exhibits displayed by organizations such as the SC Bluebird Society and Carolina Wildlife Center. The Chapin Garden Club had an amazing activity center for the children in attendance.

Attracting bluebirds is terribly difficult unless you do all the right things. If you have the right kind of food, an open area of mostly insects, a water source, a bird bath will do or a pond if you have one handy, and a beautiful wooden birdhouse strategically placed 4 to 5 feet off the ground and 100 to 125 feet apart, you may have success like they have in Chapin. This gorgeous trail in Chapin is behind town hall at 157 NW Columbia Avenue in Chapin.

“If you’re going to put up a bluebird house you have to be able to monitor it,” said Cindy Chin. “You have to remove the old nest after the fledglings leave. The same parent birds will return and lay more eggs repeatedly if you do this every time.” An interesting point about bluebirds is, the male scouts out a possible home, then returns with the female who makes the final decision on where they will live.

At the end of the event, the Chins were given a wonderful surprise and honor. Because of their hard work and dedication to the project, the Chapin Garden Club surprised them with a plaque that will be mounted near the trail dedicating it to both Ed and Cindy Chin.

The five bluebird nesting boxes along the trail behind the Chapin town hall are there for the pleasure and enjoyment of everyone. Hopefully, they will have many families and continue to return to nest for many years to come.

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