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South Congaree Championship Rodeo bigger and ranker than ever

South Congaree, SC (Paul Kirby) – The South Congaree Championship Rodeo kicked off the weekend Friday night with dust, brawn, and blood as some of the rankest animals on the earth left many a tougher than steel cowboy in the dust! By night’s end, many lost count of the score. Most stopped trying somewhere north of animals 20, cowboys 3 or 4. Some of the best bulls in the world, animals with names like Texas Black Twister and Jose’ Cuervo, were holding their heads high like conquering gladiators. The cowboys had nothing to be ashamed of, these were men of grit and skill. Friday just wasn’t the cowboys’ night.

By events’s end, the Lexington County EMS crew had earned their pay. Much of their night was spent trying to convince tougher than nails cowboys they WERE really hurt and needed medical attention. That proved to be almost impossible as the men with no quit gritted their teeth and tried to walk it off. Some had very real looking injuries. Testosterone filled the air as one cowboy with his right arm twisted at the shoulder at an odd angle insisted he was okay when it sure looked as if he wasn’t. This my friends, was a real deal rodeo!

This is the third year of the rodeo in South Congaree and the night was awesome! An IPRA sanctioned event, the competitors were vying for checks and points that would propel them toward the International Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma. The IPRA is the largest rodeo association in the nation, and Friday night, you could tell they're legit.

The livestock of the Ken Treadway Stock Company proved again why they wear the world champion crowns. Few were able to sit the bucking animals for a full 8 seconds and no cowboy road a bull anywhere close. Even the calves and steers showed their skills making cuts, sprints, and skids that left ropes catching nothing but air. Ironically, the only event that seemed to go the human’s way was the barrel racing, and a steel 55-gallon drum doesn’t appear to fight back.

The stands were filled but could have held more. Friday is always the weakest night, so if the crowd Friday was any indication, Saturday night’s performance will be packed. Everyone was screaming, clapping, and laughing as the rodeo clown cut the fool, the animals seemed intent on shaming the riders, and the excitement of the performance almost overwhelmed some. In short, it was unbelievable.

By night’s end, the cowboy with the shoulder at a strange angle was finally letting the paramedics have a little look. The bullfighting clown that got tangled in the feet of a 1,000 + pound bull was trying his best not to limp. Still another rider who seriously had the breath knocked out of him was carried out by a friend and was self-healing with a cigarette. One walked away after his pride was hurt a bit after he was thrown and the bull decided to show who was boss by heading him square in his rear with the part of the bull that's dead center the bull's horns. The cowboy was launched in the air, but didn't appear to be hurt. He may have some difficulty sitting for a while, but he left walking. If you think football, rugby, or any other sport is tough, pit those players against a Treadway bull or a rodeo cowboy. Then, they’ll know the real meaning of the word tough!

If you’ve never been to a rodeo, the South Congaree Championship Rodeo is a great place to start. You’ve still got a chance to go on Saturday. The rodeo will open its gates at 5:30 and will begin at 7:30 p.m. You can find it at 395 Oak Street in South Congaree, SC. Tickets are available at the gate and there’s food, drinks, and fun for everyone.

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