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Springdale officer goes above and beyond to reunite lost dogs with owners

Springdale, SC (Paul Kirby) Springdale Police Officer Harrelson knows that sometimes she must do more than catch crooks and prevent crime. Recently, she received a token of appreciation from a Springdale resident for reuniting their missing English Bulldog, Sam, with his family.

Wednesday, Officer Harrelson found a lost English Bulldog wandering unrestrained. The poor dog was aimlessly trying to find his home. He was walking around on Woodhurst Ln. near Airport Blvd. completely lost!

Officer Harrelson quickly realized this wasn’t just some stray, he looked as if he belonged to someone and just got loose. He just couldn’t find his way home. Instead of calling animal control and sending the dog to the pound, she loaded the fellow in her cruiser for a quick trip to a local vet. They checked this guy for a microchip. She knew someone was missing the dog, so she worked diligently to get in touch with the owner. Eventually she learned the lost dog was named Sam. He was reunited him with his family and four-legged sister that very afternoon.

Sam was so happy that his adventure was over, and he was home. His family was ecstatic about Officer Harrelson’s efforts to bring Sam home that they gave her a gift basket as a token of their appreciation.

Chief Richbourg said via social media that the entire department was very proud of the work Officer Harrelson does in the Springdale community. This is an example of the attitude of the entire Springdale department. They’re working and doing whatever it takes to make their community a better place to live, work, and play.

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