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Cayce Historical Museum announces details for 1964 Cayce Dixie Youth World Series exhibit

Cayce, SC - The Cayce Historical Museum has released the details and schedule of events for the first day of a new special exhibit. Enthusiasm is building as the community looks forward to the 1964 Cayce Dixie Youth World Series boys getting back together again!

The boys of summer have become men, now in their 60s. What hair they have has long turned gray, but none of that matters. When the conversation turns to that phenomenal season, the age fades and they are boys again, playing on their own field of dreams. The memories are just as fresh as the turf was on the championship diamond when the Cayce team took the field in 1964.

The event and exhibition will be held at the Cayce Historical Museum. That’s located at 1800 12th Street beside the Cayce Municipal Complex. What follows is the schedule of the special program prior to the opening of the museum exhibit. The exhibit's unveiling is slated to be held on Friday, August 16th at 3:00 p.m. What follows is the itinerary.

  • Welcome & Special Recognition.

  • Remarks from Special Guest Speaker, Mr. Joe Pinner.

  • Introduction of the 1964 Cayce Dixie Youth Little League World Series Championship Team.

  • Special Memorial Tribute to Players and Coaches.

  • Opening of the 1964 Cayce Dixie Youth Little League World Series Championship Exhibit.

  • Introduce Play Ball event.

  • 4:45 PM - Conclusion

The City of Cayce invites everyone to join them as they listen to stories from the players, see the World Series trophy, and view the family and team mementos on display. There will be food and beverages provided. The festivities will end promptly at 5:00 pm so the team can head to Columbia. There they will be recognized at the Columbia Fireflies Game at Segra Park at 6:00 pm.

In a release to the media Monday, a spokesperson for the City of Cayce said they wanted to offer their thanks and gratitude to the players, their families and all those that have contributed beloved items to this incredible exhibit! They also extended their heartfelt thanks to all the members of Cayce Historic Museum and Historical Commission. This includes Archie Moore, Chairman; Mary Sharpe, Alice Brooks, Judy Corbitt, Dale Gaskins, Marion Hutson, Cindy Peake and A.G. Dantzler..

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