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Lexington police officers trying to identify two teen prowlers in Woodcreek

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – The late-night prowlers are at it again. This time, investigators with the Lexington Police Department need your help to identify two young white males. This duo had nothing better to do than prowl around the Woodcreek neighborhood pilfering things from people’s vehicles.

Like so many times before, in every corner of our county, people like these two sneak around in the darkness checking vehicles to see if they’re locked. When they find ones that aren’t, they let themselves in and help themselves to anything that catches their eye. It's a crime of opportunity. Police call this a series of auto tampering incidents. Others might describe it as two boys displaying terrible behavior or just plain stealing!

The pair are obviously young, probably in their teens. They look as if they want for nothing. Both are wearing dark short pants. One has on a t-shirt, and the other one’s wearing a Polo. The video is very clear. Did their parents know they were out? Who really knows? Did they think this was some game? It's certainly not! We do know that someone should recognize this pair and make that call so police can stop this behavior before they graduate to something worse.

If you know who these two are or have information regarding these cases, please contact Detective Voravudhi at 803-358-1514.

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