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Calhoun County gets assistance from Lexington County Fire Service with I-26 haz-mat incident

Sandy Run, SC (Paul Kirby) – Specially trained firefighters from the Lexington County Fire Service responded to an incident involving hazardous materials on I-26 overnight in the Sandy Run area of Calhoun County. The SC Department of Public Safety received the call around midnight. The first callers reported the incident was in the eastbound lanes around the 127 mile-marker.

Lexington County responded with several trucks and personnel. The trucks are specifically designed to deal with hazardous materials. They also had their on-duty public safety supervisors respond to oversee Lexington County’s personnel and team. The technicians also receive specialized training in how to deal with hazardous materials. These resources responded at Calhoun County’s request.

Although the bulk of the fire service’s haz-mat equipment is headquartered at the Round Hill fire station, other trained personnel, vehicles, and equipment are in outlying stations too.This allows the on-duty crew at Round Hill to respond with the primary equipment and fire service personnel from other stations to go enroute with support equipment as needed. The whole team can be dispatched and enroute quickly if the scope of the incident requires that.

Neither the SCHP nor the Calhoun County’s Fire Department have released any specifics regarding what hazardous materials were involved. The SCDPS listed the incident as a wreck on their Public CAD system. We have reached out to several agencies for more details about what was involved and how it escaped the vessel it was being transported in. We will update this if we receive more from them.

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