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Students From 100th Graduating Class Gather For First-Ever “Senior Sunrise”

Batesburg-Leesville, SC - Aside from the purple and gold Panther Pride that runs like a strong current through the Batesburg-Leesville community, “The Rock” on the front lawn of B-L High School inarguably serves as a solid symbol of what has been and what is to come in Lexington County School District Three, unifying decades upon decades of graduates. On Friday, August 23rd, the all-embracing symbolism of “The Rock” couldn’t have been more evident as students from the district’s soon-to-be 100th graduating class united there for a morning of fellowship and fun at what has been deemed the inaugural “Senior Sunrise” event.

The event, which was sponsored by the senior student council representatives, began at 6:30 am and featured breakfast, games and camaraderie. Around 30 students and school administrators participated in the fun, which wrapped up in time for students to get to class before the first bell rang.

“All of our students and grade levels at B-L High School are super special, but this year’s senior class gets a unique place in the history books as they signify the district’s 100th graduating class. They know that it’s an honor and privilege to have this distinction and I commend them for all of the efforts they are making to truly create a memorable year that they nor the community will ever forget. At BLHS, we have created a culture around all of our students being part of one big Panther family and I think the unique “Senior Sunrise” event is a true indicator of our all-inclusive environment and the values that we are instilling in our students,” said Sonya Bryant, principal of B-L High School.

One more “Senior Sunrise” is planned for May of this school year.

More than 30 students from B-L High School gathered at “The Rock” on Friday, August 23rd for the first-ever “Senior Sunrise” event. Photo is courtesy of Sonya Bryant.

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