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Sandhills Primary Elementary School has “Chicken Crew”

Swansea, SC - Did you know that a healthy chicken lays about 265 eggs a year? That’s a lot of omelets! Mrs. Rhonda Rosbury, 4th grade teacher at Sandhills Primary Elementary School, has a Chicken Crew and a Chicken Finance and Delivery Team who are learning all sorts of fun facts about chickens by working with the chickens themselves.

The Chicken Crew has the responsibility of keeping the chickens fed and watered. They also collect eggs each day and ensure that the eggs are washed and packaged appropriately. The Chicken Finance and Delivery Team takes orders for eggs, receipts the eggs, and keeps a log of all the egg business that takes place at SPES.

The children are lively as they talk about the care they give to the chickens. They are careful to keep them safe by removing any dangers that have entered into the coop, talking to them, and giving them what they need to be comfortable to produce healthy eggs for their customers.

Mrs. Rosbury is providing an authentic and amazing learning opportunity for the SPES students!

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