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West Columbia dedicates Interactive Arts Park Wednesday

West Columbia, SC (Paul Kirby) – The City of West Columbia held a ribbon cutting Wednesday morning to dedicate their new Interactive Arts Park. The park is located at 425 Meeting Street behind the businesses that front State Street. An Interactive Arts Park is exactly what the name implies; It’s a park where visitors can interact with all the sculptures and art displayed.

Currently, there are eight pieces of art in the park itself. The city’s Art Alley adjoins the park on one side. It is beautifully adorned with murals that are so colorful they’re sure to brighten your day. Each of the eight sculptures allow visitors to touch and feel their texture and shape. Some make sounds when they’re struck with the mallets or drumsticks that are attached. Each is painted with bright colors and have interesting shape and lines that flow at sometimes odd angles. Beside each is the artist name, the pieces name, and information about the piece.

Mayor Pro Tem Tem Miles said just before the ribbon was cut that West Columbia’s focus on the arts is an integral part of the city’s revitalization plan. Miles pointed out how close the Riverwalk was and how the city plans to add more parking for their river district. Miles reminded those in attendance the city had bought property adjacent to the park on Center Street. They then sold that land to a company that’s building a brewery. Miles said that as more businesses are popping up in the area, they’re drawing people interested in shopping, arts, and dining. The parking at the park’s lot makes it possible for you to stop one-time off Meeting Street, enjoy a meal on State, stroll over to the Riverwalk, see and appreciate the artworks, and have a wonderful time without ever having to get back into your car. It really gives you the opportunity to enjoy West Columbia and all it has to offer.

Several grants helped pay for the park. These includes one from the SC Municipal Association Hometown Economic Development program and the Central Carolina Community Foundation’s Connected Communities grant program. Local businesses and artist also helped make it possible.

The artist who contributed are:

See Me…...On State Street Wall

Karl R. Lawson: Big Lonely Doug Mural

Christine Lufty: State of Mind mural

Interactive Art Sculptures

Eileen Blyth: Hand Drums

Jarod Charzewski: Conversation Station, Call to Venet, Glockenspiel, Saluda Rest Stop, Tolerance, and Eclipse Heart.

Andrew White: Rocket Queen

Alleyway Murals

Christine Lutfy: Alleyway on State.

Go by the park, stop, get out and enjoy yourself. It’s beautiful and makes you feel youthful. No matter how old you are, banging on things and making noise can still be fun. Don’t forget to take a camera so you can capture your loved ones interacting with the art.

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