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Lexington police officers trying to identify suspect in shoplifting incident

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Officers with the Lexington Police department are asking the public if they can identify a suspect in a shoplifting incident. Police say that the white male was involved in the incident that occurred at the Liquor Depot on August 28, 2019.

The man appears to be over 40 years old. He is wearing a dark button up, long sleeved shirt, a white t-shirt underneath, black and grey plaid shorts, a black ball cap with a light or faded brim, and tan boat shoes. He has his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows and may be carrying cigarettes in his left shirt pocket. He is clearly caught on surveillance cameras taking a pint sized bottle of clear liquor. This in itself may be a clue. If he has a drinking problem, clear liquors like Vodka or Gin may be his drink of choice.

If anyone has information regarding the shoplifter's identity, please contact Detective Corporal Currier at 803-359-2067.

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