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Roadside rocks that have been painted repeatedly are now adorned with patriotic display

Gilbert, SC (Paul Kirby) – For many years, several large boulders at the intersection of Keisler Road and US Hwy 378 west of Lexington have been painted by adventurous artists looking to leave their mark. During this time, they have been painted many different colors. Names and the logos of local athletic programs are some of the most prevalent design. Today, the rocks wear a fresh coat of paint and a patriotic designs. There are also wooden replicas of the Twin Towers that have just materialized. The story behind the new display and look is already making the rounds on the internet and making a Leesville man famous.

Lorne White took it upon himself to first paint the rocks and then apply the 9/11 tribute design. The base color is white and there are blue and red stars all over. On the face of on rock is a silhouette of a kneeling firefighter, a small cross, an American flag, and the date 09/11/2001. The smaller of the boulders is emblazoned with Never Forget on its face.

Lorne also built the wooden Twin Towers models on display. He even took the time to personally write the name of each person who died that day on them. His wife Kim and their children helped, according to his sister. Now that 9/11 is here, his efforts are having a pleasant effect. People are talking about the art, but more importantly they are talking about what Americans sacrificed that day. They are remembering and talking with children who weren't even born about what happened.

Although the old tradition of painting the rocks didn’t do any harm and wasn’t anything official, some are saying on social media it seems appropriate to leave Lorne’s art for a while. Sure, your favorite school’s logo is important, but it pales in comparison to the many lives of Americans that paid it all. Maybe, just for a while, people will leave them as they are.

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