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Military homecomings never get old

West Columbia, SC (Paul Kirby) – During the past 18 years, Americans have gotten used to surprise homecomings by military servicemembers. They have popped out of cakes, worn elaborate disguises, and even parachuted into public places to surprise their loved ones. These have been recorded and broadcast over and over. It’s hard to decide whether you should smile or cry when these touching scenes take place. There’s one thing most people agree on, they never get old.

Jeremiah Biddy is a 4th grade student at East Point Academy in West Columbia. His mother Felicity Biddy is in the service and she returned from deployment this week. Upon learning of her return, the administration of East Point Academy conspired with Felicity to surprise Jeremiah in a big way. They helped her switch her military uniform for the school’s mascot costume so that she could show up unannounced just at the right time.

East Point is a Mandarin Chinese immersion school. Their mascot Ming Ming is a giant panda. Since the students knew Ming Ming and saw her around school regularly, it was no surprise when she showed up for a recent assembly. It’s what Ming Ming did at the assembly that made the surprise spectacular.

Watch the video to see the heartwarming reaction this family had when mother and children were united.

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