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Swansea High School takes on theater

Swansea, SC - This year, Swansea High School is again offering Theater I, and has added Theater II classes for those that participated last year. The twist is that both sessions are the same class period! This has created a collaborative learning environment where students can pass on their skills and expertise as well as teach one another throughout the year. Each week, students in both classes participate in theater warm-ups and various activities together. This allows everyone to build and participate in a “theater community” where all are learning together. Intermittently, Theater I and II students work independently from one another to learn and practice the skills appropriate for their level.

Currently, Theater I students are immersed in learning the language and basic terminology of theater and they are preparing for their first in-class performance of a modern version of "The Frog Prince." Students will be evaluated on their ability to follow and comprehend the reading of a script with an emphasis on understanding and applying stage directions. Theater II students are preparing interactive presentations on the history of theater. These will be presented to Theater I students and include demonstrations of particular techniques used throughout various periods of theater history.

Later in the year, students will apply these techniques to a vignette focused on identity.

Pictured: Theater I student, Richard Howell, and Theater II student, Emily Branham, perform in an acting exercise.

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