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Clearing for Pine Ridge Dollar General underway

Pine Ridge, SC (Paul Kirby) – Clearing has begun in the 600 block of Pine Ridge Drive for a new Dollar General. It is to be built near the Pine Ridge Pharmacy and Courtney Drive. The lot had been owned by Sturkie-Jones, Inc. for many years. They also own the attractive strip building where Palmetto Design is located.

This project had been resisted by citizens in the area for some time. During the period since this first came up, the company has taken the necessary steps to get approval to build. Residents had complained about light pollution, excessive noise, and other problems they say Dollar Generals bring with them. They cited all these issues as reasons the government of Pine Ridge should exclude a dollar store.

Although there are several Dollar General stores within a few miles of Pine Ridge, the company’s business model is to make these easily accessible to the residents of a smaller geographical area. They have been accused of doing a disservice to the poor, only offering unhealthy food options, a huge part of their business.

Dollar Generals also vary greatly in appearance based on what the area’s government allows. If you used the South Congaree, Gaston, Pelion, and Springdale locations as an example, you can see the difference good codes and regulations make. South Congaree, Gaston, and Pelion’s Dollar Generals are metal buildings that have little in the way of cosmetic additions to make them outwardly pleasing. In Springdale, the government held the corporation to a much higher standard, and you can tell by simply riding by there’s a difference.

In the past, Pine Ridge has had a more demanding standard for businesses that wished to locate there. Since the town’s leaders just got finished rewriting Pine Ridge’s Building and Zoning ordinances, citizens say they hope their Dollar General will be more like Springdale’s with some personality that will fit the local surroundings.

Construction on these normally takes six months or less. That would place the store’s grand opening sometime before the spring of 2020.

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