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Mooneyhan’s Auto Service celebrates new addition with the help of many friends and dignitaries

West Columbia, SC (Paul Kirby) – Bill Mooneyhan of Mooneyhan’s Auto Service in West Columbia was surrounded by friends and a virtual Who’s Who of West Columbia Friday to celebrate the groundbreaking for their latest addition to the garage. The auto repair and maintenance business has been proudly serving West Columbia and the surrounding areas since 1980. Now, because of a strong economy and a sterling reputation for quality work at a fair price, the shop is adding four new mechanics’ bays to meet the demand for service.

Bill Mooneyhan really is what West Columbia is all about. He’s a hardworking man who has expanded his business through quality work, fair and honest pricing, and perseverance. He speaks in a rapid, unique fashion, and often his sentences are peppered with prominent names from West Columbia and Lexington County’s past, present, and future. A friend once jokingly said of him, “If you’re in West Columbia and Bill Mooneyhan isn’t related to you or he doesn’t know you, chances are you don’t exist!”

Part of Bill’s success comes from his deep love of West Columbia and its people. He is extremely active in the community working with the Lion’s Club, the area’s chamber, and the West Columbia Beautification Committee just to name a few. There are so many projects, ideas, and groups he’s been involved with, it would be almost impossible to list them all here.

It’s safe to say that Bill and his family are an integral part of the area’s history too. Members of the family have served as leaders in sports, education, business, law enforcement, and the politics of area since the 1800s. There are virtually no places you can turn in West Columbia that Bill and his ancestors haven’t impacted in some way.

In 1980, Bill opened Mooneyhan’s Auto Service at 1224 B Avenue near Triangle City where it still is today. Since that time, Bill and his family have enjoyed success as a part of the West Columbia business community.

On Friday, Bill spoke about his love of family. He said he owed much of his success to his father who aided him when starting his own business. Bill wanted to be a Gulf franchisee, following in his family's footsteps. "To be with Gulf you had to be 21 and have $5,000. I had neither." He said that's when wise council and support from his father helped him get started in the business that he's still in 40-years later. He also spoke of his children and their support. They are all successful themselves today. Bill also spoke of his wife, someone who seldom gets involved in Bill’s projects but is always nearby when he needs support.

To show how respected this man is, one only needed to look across the crowd Friday. Congressman Joe Wilson was there with his wife Roxanne and several well-known members of his Congressional staff. West Columbia’s Mayor Bobby Horton was in attendance as was Mayor Pro Tem Tem Miles. Police Chief Dennis Tyndal attended along with Representative Micah Caskey, the area’s County Councilman Glenn Conwell, and Lexington Two School Board Member Bud Summers. They all came to show the Mooneyhan’s support.

Congressman Wilson took a few moments to speak about Bill and the family business Friday. Even though he presented two certificates to Bill for his success and the growth of the business, Wilson said he cherished Bill’s friendship more than anything. “Bill Mooneyhan has proven the American dream still works. When the Trump tax cuts took effect, I bumped into Bill,” Wilson said. “Bill was so excited he couldn’t wait to tell me of his plans. He said hey Joe, now that y’all have passed the tax cuts, I’m going to add bays on to my business. I’m also going to hire more mechanics to work in them!”

Friday was a step toward Bill's commitment Wilson and the people of the area. Dirt has already been moved for the addition and construction should be completed quickly. Mooneyhan said Friday that two technicians might not be enough. He said he would hire as the business demands. According to Bill, with the economy strong and getting stronger, demand is high and business is booming.

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