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Swansea High School expands career and technology certifications

Swansea, SC - Swansea High School has expanded the number of credentials being offered to Career and Technology Education (CTE) students. During the 2018-2019 school year SHS offered 8 credentials, and now in 2019-2020 there are 26 credentials being offered. Three of the certifications, OSHA 10, Forklift Operator, and First Aid/CPR/AED may be earned through various programs.

Many jobs require their employees to obtain an OSHA card, which covers general safety and health hazards for entry-level workers. OSHA believes this training is an important first step towards workplace safety. Forklift operator certification helps ensure that forklift operators are trained and aware of the risks and dangers associated with operating a forklift in their environment.

A large number of the new certifications occur in the Agriculture program through iCEV, an online curriculum platform. The certifications include food safety, floral design principles, and personal financial literacy. The iCEV certifications are done as an extension to the regular coursework in the agriculture class. With standards-aligned courses, iCEV is helping bridge the gap between education and industry certification testing.

There are numerous advantages to having the addition of credentials in CTE. They are stackable credentials, which means students can add them together and build upon the ones already earned. There is a competitive advantage for students applying for jobs if they already have the required certification. This is attractive to employers who are able to save money and time by hiring someone already trained.

Students and their families may reach out to the Swansea High School for a full list of certifications and credentials offered.

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