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City of Cayce on track for big reveal of city’s 1936 Big Red

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) – The City of Cayce Historical Museum has been giving regular updates on the refurbishing of “Big Red”, the 1936 Diamond Reo fire engine that was the city’s first motorized fire truck, on social media. Over many years, it sat unused and showing its age in the current fire house. Last year, with the help of a community minded citizen experienced in restoration projects, as well as others who’ve given of their time and material resources, the truck has been slowly brought back to life.

This has been a “ground up” restoration. That means the truck has literally been redone to perfection from the ground up. All the while, the city has chronicled the progression of the work on the Cayce Historical Museum’s Facebook page.

The city’s plan is to unveil “Big Red” and then officially display it by driving it in the 2019 Cayce West Columbia Parade of Lights this holiday season. That goal seems to be right on track. The museum and its staff are now saying the unveiling will take place on December 7th followed by that all-important ride in the parade on Saturday, December 14th, 2019.

Recently, the truck was out for a bit of a test spin before being parked back in its home at the museum. Where else would you park an 83-year-old fire truck, the fire department right. Cayce has a small, one bay fire department that is looking period correct too. It’s a small brick building on the grounds that’s a part of the museums many displays.

In the attached video, you can hear the purr of that old engine letting everyone know “Big Red” is ready for its unveil. Listen to the video closely and you can hear just how ready it is to get back out there showing some Cayce pride at parades and events. The old engine runs with the precision of a Swiss watch!

To follow “Big Red” and its progress, or to make sure you’re there for the unveil, follow the Cayce Historical Museum on Facebook at

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