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Miles buries Duncan in a landslide to become mayor of West Columbia

West Columbia, SC (Paul Kirby) – West Columbia’s Mayor Pro Tem Tem Miles has been elected to become the next mayor of the City of West Columbia. He filed after current Mayor Bobby Horton decided to retire. He will work in the future with several new councilmembers also elected Tuesday.

Miles, an attorney, was endorsed by Horton and several other prominent and influential citizens and business leaders. This included outspoken and charismatic business owner Bill Mooneyhan, a man with a deep love and appreciation for a better than ever city. Mooneyhan said recently that Miles was the man for the job because he had the experience and knowledge to build upon the revitalization that has already been greatly successful in the city. He said he felt Miles would make the right changes while still respecting the deep history that Mooneyhan’s family has been such a large part of for more than a century. Of course, as is Mooneyhan’s custom, he used a few more words in his rapid-fire way of speaking as he explained his thoughts on West Columbia politics.

Miles defeated Madison Duncan who simply didn’t have the support, name recognition, experience, or finances that Miles had to throw at the race. He drew 465 votes while Miles received a whopping 1,277.

Miles has been a levelheaded councilmember during his time serving with Horton. Under a past administration, he openly clashed with a mayor who he said was rude and disrespectful to other, older councilmembers and the citizens. Miles said he took that for a bit but eventually couldn’t sit and listen to anyone demean leaders who had earned respect through their lives and service to others. Since Horton was reelected, the council has worked together and accomplished much for the city on the west banks of the Congaree.

Miles’ experience as an attorney has been helpful during his period on council. He has been known to speak on issues in a way that simply reflected his knowledge of what would and what would not stand a legal challenge, helping the city steer clear of political speed-bumps. In meetings, it was evident he knew the law yet spoke in plain terms even a layman could comprehend.

Miles is the father of a child that was born with a handicap. He and his family have been tireless advocates of public accommodations for people with all sorts of limitations. He beamed this week with ceremonial scissors in hand as the city cut the ribbon on a new all-inclusive play park. This park will allow his daughter and other special needs children the opportunity to play right alongside children without physical, emotional, or mental limitations. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind in our area and a real feather in the cap of the city.

Joseph Dickey won 156 votes to take the City Council District 4 seat that Miles previously held. He defeated Ronnie Lindler by a 27 vote margin. Teddy Wingard, the incumbent in City Council District 8 didn't file to run for reelection. That seat was captured by David Benjamin Moye who won by a very comfortable margin. He faced three challengers who together drew just 72 votes, far short of Moye's 139 votes.

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