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Public records show arrested custom bike builder had very checkered past

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – David Mozingo, the custom bike builder and owner of SinWorx Custom Cycles that was taken into custody by federal agents Monday, is no stranger to local and federal law enforcement agencies. A check of public records show that Mozingo has been in jail and prison on a myriad of charges.

According to records, Mozingo has already served more than 4-years in a federal penitentiary. The feds were not the only ones familiar with Mozingo. He has seen the inside of the Lexington County Detention Center in the past after deputies with the Sheriff’s Department and West Columbia police officers dealt with him on other crimes. In some cases, he was allowed to plead to a lesser offense to minimize his penalties.

In 1994, Mozingo was charged with Failure to Return Rental Objects (Grand Larceny) here locally. He pled guilty and was given a 5-year suspended sentence. That same year he was charged with Forgery and sentenced to 30-days that was suspended because he was placed on probation.

In 1995, he was charged with Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature and Strong-Armed Robbery. He was sentenced to 5-years with credit for time served. In ’97, he was charged with Breach of Trust by Obtaining Property with a False Signature. That was eventually dropped or was not prosecuted.

He was sued by Ford Motor Company in 2001. At some point, they reached an agreement with him.

Again in 2003, he was charged with Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent. He received a sentence of 5-years’ probation upon serving 2-years consecutively with a federal sentence and $2,700 in restitution.

In 2011, he was a principal in a Lexington County business called Harley’s Bar & Grill on Longs Pond Road. It was foreclosed on and eventually there was some sort of settlement reached there as well.

In 2013, Mozingo was charged with writing a fraudulent check over $1000.00 and writing another bad check for more than $500.00. The first charged was eventually dropped and he pled guilty to the second. He was given 30-days in jail or a $100.00 fine and had to pay restitution of $2,526.68 within 90 days.

A local businessman who is very familiar with Mozingo’s past, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said he was released from prison in 2006 on Embezzlement, Breach of Trust, Wire Fraud, and Credit Card Fraud charges. That source said he then got involved in a Lexington based business. His involvement in that led to more problems eventually putting Lexington Sport Cards out of business. The owners later had to file for bankruptcy protection. He was then employed by Rudy's Upper Deck in West Columbia where he was eventually charged with Embezzlement and Grand Larceny.

This is just the records we were able to locate. The indictments from Monday’s arrest haven’t been released by the federal agencies involved. We will continue to update the story as more information becomes available.

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