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Meadow Glen Middle student makes threatening statement to a school official

Lexington, S.C. — Monday morning around 8:30 a.m., a 12-year-old Meadow Glen Middle School seventh-grade student failed to follow teacher’s directions. When the teacher attempted to redirect the student, the student refused. When the teacher asked the student to go to the office, the student refused and threatened to harm a school official.

The teacher immediately reported the incident to MGMS administrators as required by law. In May of 2018, an amendment to the South Carolina Code of Laws created the new crime “Student Threats” (Section 16-17-425). This amendment made it unlawful for a “student of a school or college in this state to make threats, to take the life of, or to inflict bodily harm upon another by using any form of communication whatsoever.” School officials must report student threats.

Acting in accordance with Board Policy and district procedure, administrators immediately filed an incident report with the Lexington Police Department through the School Resource Officer, contacted the student’s parent/guardian, and suspended the student.

In accordance with applicable policies and procedures, school administrators also recommended the student for expulsion. While the student waits for an expulsion hearing with the district’s hearing officer and, as a result of the suspension, the student is not allowed on any Lexington District One property or at any events. This is standard operating procedure.

The district encourages students and their parents to report any safety concerns to a school administrator, School Resource Officer, school counselor, teacher, or another employee. The district also has a Tip Line (803-636-8317), which students, parents, and others can use to report safety concerns anonymously. Students can access the Tip Line online, by telephone, by texting information or by emailing details of your concern to

The safety and well-being of our students and staff is our highest priority.

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