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Dangerous bootleg vape cartridges taken off Swansea’s Streets

Swansea, SC (Paul Kirby) – A Swansea police officer has taken a number of bootleg vape cartridges off the street after stopping a speeding motorist. That suspect also tried to evade further charges by throwing a bag of weed out the window when the officer activated his warning device to stop the speeding car.

Bootleg vape cartridges are being blamed for the death of many people across the U.S. They are dangerous because there is no agency that checks the purity and content of these illegal products. If a person dies as a result of illegal vape cartridges, the dealer could face advanced charges.

According to the Swansea Police Department, an officer was patrolling when the motorist was seen driving almost 35 mph over the speed limit. When the police officer turned around on the vehicle, a bag of marijuana was thrown out the window as the officer followed with his dashcam catching all this on video. Once the vehicle pulled over, the officer established probable cause and searched the vehicle. It was then that he located the illegal vape cartridges. Police say the occupant had obtained these in order to sell them for a profit. The driver also had no driver’s license. In total, this little stunt cost the driver more than $1,500.00 in fines.

Sgt. Stone said last week that Police Chief Hayes has made it clear to his department’s officers that the good people of Swansea were no longer going to be victims of dangerous drugs and other illegal activity in his town. He has instructed his officers to use every legal means necessary to clean up the mess that plagues southeastern Lexington County. Swansea PD has a great relationship with the officers of Gaston’s Police Department and other agencies. Together those agencies are making a substantial dent in this and other types of crime

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