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Lexington Police Department hopes you might identify Target shoplifter

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Lexington police officers are continuing their zero-tolerance policy on stealing in their town. They realize that even the smallest item stolen can make a difference. When a shoplifter steals something from a large store, it doesn’t just hurt the corporation, it also affects how much things cost when you shop, select, and pay as everyone should.

Now, they are turning to their public partners in hopes someone will recognize a man that shoplifted from the Target in Lexington. The man appears to be in an area of the store that has electronics and those kinds of accessories. He takes an item/s off the shelf, wrestles with and eventually opens the packaging, and then hides the item minus the package in his clothes. Then, he takes a black coat from his cart and puts that on to help hide the stolen, stashed stuff. This is clearly caught on the store’s surveillance cameras. When he walks out the store without paying, his face is very clearly caught on the cameras as well.

If you have any idea who this man is or where he can be located, please contact Detective Voravudhi at 803-358- 1514.

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