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Springdale Police Department presents Officer of the Year Award to beloved Dolphin SRO

Springdale, SC (Paul Kirby) – Several weeks ago, the Springdale Police Department presented its 2019 Officer of the Year Award to the department’s School Resource Officer Harrelson. She works with the department and the Dolphins of Springdale Elementary School. Daily, she works hard to keep the school safe and build a positive relationship with the children. The award was presented to SRO Harrelson by the department’s Chief Richbourg.

Since joining the department, SRO Harrelson has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She continuously demonstrates her commitment to the Town of Springdale through her acts and deeds. She’s helped tie some shoes, soothe some hurt feelings, and investigated situations that no child should have to deal with. You’d think that would keep her busy, yet she’s also instituted active shooter drills at Springdale Elementary School and mentored the fifth-grade students. At the school, she, like the police chief of any small town, does what needs to be done.

SRO Harrelson has also been instrumental in creating new programming to better the community. The department’s community coat drive she was key to was a roaring success. She’s coordinated donations for several Springdale families to ensure they had a Thanksgiving feast. SRO Harrelson also cares about the furry friends that make up our community. Last summer, she found a pooch who was lost and desperately trying to find his way home. She loaded the dog in her cruiser, had a vet check the dog for a chip, and ensured he was returned safely home.

The list of her accomplishments just this past year goes on and on. Don’t think she’s a pushover because of her ever-present smile. When it’s time to get tough with the bad guys, she can handle business there too. SRO Harrelson is an invaluable asset to the Springdale Police Department. Congratulations Officer of the Year Harrelson!

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