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School Resource Officer makes uniform change to bring smiles to students

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) – School resource officers take many roles while they go about their daily duties. From giving an encouraging word to a teen who just broke up with the first “love of their life,” to mentoring students, and being the first line of defense against crimes against students hidden behind the walls of their homes, these men and women have a tough job. They go way above and beyond to make sure our schools are safe and the students know they have someone to go to besides a friend or teacher if they need help.

Just this week, one SRO with decades of police experience took things one step further to bring Christmas cheers and a lot of smiles to the students and staff of one local middle school. SRO Dan Crews of the Cayce Department of Public Safety showed up for duty at RH Fulmer Middle School with a slight change of uniform that had everyone giggling. Oh no, he didn’t dress down, he wore a suit and tie to work. The one difference was this was his finest Christmas suit.

Now for an officer, you might think your basic black, navy blue, or gray. Perhaps a red or dark tie and one of those little hanky squares peeking out the breast pocket. Something he might wear when testifying in court perhaps? At Christmas, SRO Crews just didn’t feel the conservative norm was appropriate. Somewhere, somehow……...Crews found and wore and all red suit with Santa Clause faces on it from head to hem! Of course, underneath the jacket he still had on his belt with its official gear but on the outside, wow! His “uniform” brought tons of laughs and really helped send the students off on Christmas break with a smile! He spent some of the day roaming the halls but posed for more than a few pictures with him in his suit!

Thanks to officers like SRO Dan Crews, our children are safer and the ones that need a friend to confide in, know they have one. Merry Christmas SRO “Santa” Crews! May you and yours have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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