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Chapin Student Government wins area businesses’ First Annual Christmas Tree Decorating contest

Chapin, SC (Paul Kirby) – Every year, the Student Government organization from Chapin High School does so much to prove what wonderful young people they are. They collect money for worthy causes, help out at the local food pantry, and lead in many other ways. They do this without thought of recognition; instead, they do it because it’s just the right thing to do.

This year, they did a little something different that they really should be recognized for. When Generations Assisted Living of Chapin decided to have a Christmas Tree decorating contest to brighten the holiday for their residents, the teens from CHS’ Student Government decided to enter.

Generations is an assisted living facility that provides a real “Senior Experience” for its residents. They do arts and crafts, take field trips, and have sing alongs with people who stop by to play tunes on their beautiful piano. This year, it was decided that they would act as judges and decide who did the best job of decorating a Christmas Tree for their family, business, or group. It would be displayed at the facility through Christmas, and whoever won would receive a prize for their hard work. In fact, they would receive a $50.00 VISA Gift Card for their efforts.

Generations has never been a place where there was a shortage of Christmas cheer. In fact, people often stopped by just to take their family’s Christmas photo in front of the huge tree in the lobby. Every year, it’s decorated in beautiful regalia that is elegant and just exudes Christmas. It in and of itself would be enough but the owners of Generations have never been ones to stop at, “Just good enough!”

Starting December 2 and continuing through the 23rd, trees came in from various places. When the students from Chapin High School decorated theirs, the creativity of young people kicked into high gear. Not only did they add what one might call standard tree decorations, but they also added “ornaments” that featured photos of Tim Slice, the owner of Generations!

Slice has been active at Chapin High School for years. He has donated money or contributed his time to just about every cause imaginable. It just seemed appropriate that he be celebrated by morphing into Christmas decorations. The residents who were the judges absolutely loved it! When the votes were tallied, the students were the winners!

Generations administrators have said they plan to have this contest annually. As with most things they do, it will most likely grow bigger and better each year. Perhaps in the future, someone will make a life size Tim Slice cutout tree and decorate him!

Congratulations to all the members of the Chapin High School Student Government. These are the future leaders of our community, state, and country in training for a very bright future in leadership positions and in Christmas tree decorating!

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